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After years of searching for a capable heir to folk-hero Jamie Carragher and failing multiple times, Liverpool FC came close to a player capable of closing the gap left behind by the former Kop captain – Virgil van Dijk.

The Dutch international on what seems to be an eerie cycle of spending two years at every club he’s being since starting out at Eredivisie side Groningen could have sworn to have started silent preparations to move to Anfield.

The story started out as the Red Army fortified by the prospect of their qualifying for the UEFA Champions League, enhancing their ability to entice premium players to Anfield, got involved in a transfer rumour with the Southampton defender.

Yeah, that’s not a crime until you – Liverpool in this case – refuse to openly deny the rumour and allow it to linger on till the Saints management got pissed by the manner with which the Fenway Sports Group-owned club decided to go about the business.

For years, since the Reds fell into the low-quality pool of the Europa League, signing top players have been more of a nightmare. Read more »

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