Steven Gerrard reveals which player he would love to see in Liverpool

The 2017 January Premier League transfer window started on the 1st of January and concluded in the 31st of that same month.

This is a very important period of time for clubs that are competing in any European League as manages have the chance to upgrade their respective squad by signing new players while releasing some of their own at the same time.

Leicester City was reinforced by the arrivals of OnyinyeNdidi and MollaWague. Pep Guardiola signed Gabriel Jesus after offloading £27 million in the Brazilian player. Almost all the other clubs that are currently competing in the Premier League signed a few players as well.

Liverpool is one of the few clubs that did not sign any new players, the only arrivals that made their way to Anfield were LazarkMarkovic and Adam Bogdan as they came back to Anfield because their respective loan deals with their former clubs had reached it’s end.

Former Liverpool star Steven Gerrard was recently asked what player he would’ve liked to seen arriving to Anfield and the Englishman responded by saying: “I’d love Messi at Liverpool.”

Steven Gerrard is well aware that the possibility of Liverpool actually being able to sign Lionel Messi is close to impossible for the fact that the Argentinean player is the most coveted jewel in the world of football and Barcelona would not be letting him go anytime soon and even if they do, it would be with an extremely high-price tag.

Nonetheless, this did not stop Steven Gerrard in expressing his desire to see Messi performing in Anfield as a player of Liverpool. The former captain of Liverpool is currently serving as a coach for the academy youth squad of the Premier League club and fans want to see him taking up the coaching position of the club as a full and hands on manager which might happen in the near future.