Climate conditions have always been a factor in World Cups but the 2014 edition of the worldwide event will see nations and squads having to adjust from cold weather to heat and humid conditions and Steven Gerrard that it’s going to make a huge impact around every participating squad.

England starts their 2014 World Cup by facing off against Italy at Manaus in the Amazonas and both teams are preparing themselves for the heat they will feel in Brazil.

The Italian attacker Ciro Immobile revealed that Italy are getting ready for their encounter against England by training in a sauna while the Englishmen are wearing sweaters and trousers in Portugal.

Hot and humid conditions are expected to be the climate in Manaus for the next month’s World Cup opening match and this is why both Italy and England are adjusting and preparing their bodies accordingly.

Steven Gerrard revealed some of the details about the training schedule of England as well as their upcoming fixtures for the 2014 World Cup edition as the veteran English midfielder has plenty of experience playing not only in England but also in the international stage as he has made over 100 appearances for his nation.

‘’I’d say the afternoon kick-offs at the World Cup in South Africa were very tough, due to the heat intensity of the sunshine. It will have a big impact. Coming from playing every week in England to a hotter, more humid climate where you’re sweating more is obviously going to affect the way you play’’.

‘’We have training camps in both Portugal and Miami to help us acclimatize to the conditions in Manaus for our game with Italy. Each game and opponent requires a different plan so we will tailor our approach in Manaus to fit the requirements’’ Gerrard revealed.