Gerrard To Head Team England

Manager Hodgeson, still hopes to convince skipper Steve Gerrard to lead team England for the upcoming Euro Championship. As Hudson eagerly awaits the qualifying draw for 2016 Euro Championship, he insists Captain Steve Gerrard to peruse his international football career post the 2014 World Cup.

Turning thirty four this May, Steve Gerrard is expected to play in the friendly matches against Peru, Denmark, Honduras and Ecuador as a buildup before the finale in Brazil. If he agrees to do so this will be the midfielder’s 113th captainship versus Italy as team England opens their tournament in Manaus on 14th June. There have been rumors that Gerrard plans to resign from the national team post the 2014 World Cup, this one being his 6th most important tournament. Trying to persuade his captain to prolong his international football career Roy Hodgson plans to speak to him post the involvement of the team in the Brazil World Cup has been finalized.

When Hodgson was inquired whether Gerrard was still fit enough to lead the national team of England to the 2016 Euro Championship, he confidently replied to saying that he has no doubts whatsoever about that. The veteran is thirty four now and is going to be thirty six during the 2016 tournament, the finale being in France, hence much relies on how fit he is physically at that point of time how is his playing form. Since there is no sign of slowing down at the moment, only the future will say how he performs next.

The coach came back from Manaus recently and is expected to attend the 2016 Euro’s qualifying draw on Sunday where in England  is expected to enter the first cut leaving behind Spain, Germany, Holland and Italy to name a few, in Nice’s Palais des Congrès Acropolis.