Gerrard Retires From International Football

Steven Gerrard has hung his boots as an international football player. He was only 12 matches away from becoming the most capped Three Lions player.

Despite the horrendous time that Gerrard had had in Brazil as captain of the English side, it was expected that he would continue playing at the international stage for a couple of more years and would oversee England’s campaign in Euro 2016, but, it wasn’t to be. The veteran midfielder decided that he had had enough and it’s the time for him to make way for somebody else.

Announcing his retirement yesterday evening, Gerrard said, “It’s not an easy decision to make for any sportsperson and the same was the case with me. I took a lot of things into account, talked with my wife and mates as well after returning back home from the World Cup and finally reached the conclusion that to prolong my career as a club player and to take Liverpool FC to new heights of success in the coming years; I need to withdraw myself from the international arena. We would be competing in the European Cup again this summer and its one of the main things that has influenced this decision of mine.”

“Playing for England over the years has been hugely enjoyable for me and it’s really hard to sink in the fact that I would not represent the Three Lions again. But, that’s life.”

“My family has always been there for me since the time I started my career and I would like to give them most of the credit for the success that I managed to achieve.”

Gerrard played 114 matches for the senior team of England only one less than David Beckham, while, 11 less than Peter Shilton.