Steven Gerrard is one of the main figures that is being critiqued for the recent setbacks and defeats that Liverpool has been facing as the English midfielder made an underwhelming performance against West Ham United which saw him losing possession of the ball on 14 distinct moments and not being able to fulfill the defensive role that he was implanted to do.

At his 34 years of age, there even are fans of Liverpool suggesting that he should be seriously considering retiring and allow younger players to take a chance to perform in the squad of Brendan Rodgers.

The head coach has stepped up and said that even with the recent disappointing performances of Steven Gerrard, Rodgers has nothing to worry about as the tactician is confident and certain about what Gerrard can offer to the team even at his elevated age.

“He is a brilliant player for us. It was the team performance that wasn’t up to scratch. I have no concerns about him. We have managed his recovery really well in the last two seasons, even when Steven was playing international football. If you look at his numbers and games, it has been as good as ever. He is at the age where we need to treat him individually. We want him to be involved in the big games because of his experience and we will always taper that recovery to allow him to be at the very best he can be.” Brendan Rodgers said.

The recent string of negative results cannot be put to blame on a single player as the entire squad of Brendan Rodgers have not been performing the same way they did in the previous edition of the Premier League but taking into consideration that Gerrard is a symbol and the captain of Liverpool, the pressure piles up faster for the experienced midfielder who is reaching the last stages of his career and he wants to end it on a high note by winning the Premier League title, the only major silverware that the Englishman has not captured with Liverpool.